Mikuni Wild Harvest – From Farm and Forest to Your Table

Source: fab.com

Used by top chefs like Mario Batali and Thomas Keller for freshly foraged foods, Mikuni Wild Harvest forwards the exploration of nature’s bounty. Its boutique line of sustainable wild foods honors the environment while allowing people to experience the abundance of flavorful, seasonal vegetables available in the world.




 Tyler Gray

Tyler  GrayIf you have ever eaten at any Michelin-starred restaurant in North America and wondered where the chef procured “wow ingredients”… it is almost certainly from us. Tyler Gray, Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Mikuni Wild Harvest


Wild Ramps 1 LB – $15fab / $20 retail price

Morel Mushrooms 1 LB – $42fab / $46 retail price

Jumbo White Asparagus 1 LB – $21.50fab / $30 retail price

Baby Purple Artichokes 2 LB – $21.50fab / $30 retail price

Fiddle Heads 1 LB – $12.50fab / $15 retail price

Spring Basket – $55fab / $75 retail price


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